Fujica ST605N
This is the oldest serving camera in my arsenal. A very simple but solid and reliable little machine with the most popular mount ever, M42.

There could hardly be a more basic SLR. Fully mechanical, all manual, stop-down metering, and the ubiquitous M42 thread mount. Makes the built-in self-timer almost look like luxury.

I've had it for so many years, I don't even recall where I got it from. I do remember that I bought it as a replacement for a Praktica whose shutter had gone kaputt and I needed something to use my M42 lenses with.

Recently, it has found a new lease of life in combination with my Pentacon Six lenses and an adaptor P6 -> M42. The picture above shows it with the hefty Carl Zeiss Sonnar 2.8/180 mm tele lens. As odd as this pair may look, it handles great and I've been able to take a few stage shots at last summer's yearly Cologne pop music street festival which I wouldn't have got with any other of my lens/camera combinations. Also, due to the fact that only the centre section of the lenses is used for 35 mm, the picture quality and sharpness is simply amazing.